What does this mean for our patients?

We are committed to reaching an agreement with BCBSTN before our negotiations cause any disruption in care for our patients.

However, if we ultimately do become an out-of-network provider on September 1, we will work with our patients in every way we can. We will continue to expect our current in-network rates from BCBSTN and the patients and no more.

For the patient responsibility portion, we will continue to work with the patients and offer financial hardship discounts, early payment discounts, and payment plans.

It’s important that people do not avoid care they need because they are anxious about BCBSTN’s move to force us out-of-network. We will continue to put our patients first and make sure everyone continues to receive the high-quality anesthesia services they count on from us.

What does this mean for our hospital and physician partners?

Our hospital and physician partners rely on us to play a key role in our patients’ care. We will continue to work with our hospital and physician partners as we always have and we will be there for our patients, no matter what. We are dedicated to ensuring that our relationships with our partners are not interrupted.