What Can I Do?

Call BCBSTN Customer Service

Call 1-800-565-9140, or use the number on your BCBS ID card, and ask them to work with AMG to reach a fair agreement that protects the in-network access your premiums were intended for and maintains affordability.

Appeal to BCBSTN

Use the Network Benefit Request Form to appeal to BCBSTN. Demand that BCBSTN pay for your services. BCBSTN created this condition and they can fix it. Don’t let them push higher costs on you!

Voice your concerns with the Tennessee Department of Insurance

File a complaint about BCBSTN creating an “insurance gap” in your health benefits coverage. BCBSTN is shifting benefit costs to you that should be covered by your premiums.

Call AMG

Call 844-788-0088 and speak to one of our Patient Financial Service Representatives. We are happy to work with patients on the best way to cover payments for our services and will do everything we can to help you.